Thursday, 25 June 2015

Moving On teaser

I take another look at the guest list. One name stands out - Nicholas Webb. He's the last person I want to see at the moment, thinking back about the photos that keep popping up on my doorway. Well, the pictures today were on the step and Rob just placed them on my table. Even so, the whole bar scenario with Nick and his friend, Brian, was weird enough for me. 
Shaking the thought from my mind, I open Google and pull up information for people on the list so that I'll be able to recognize them tomorrow.
I spend all day researching for the charity event to find that its initiative is to support families who have suffered a loss of a military serving family member.
"You ready for the event tomorrow?" Rob startles me. I didnt notice him coming to stand right in front of my computer.
"Yeah, I think so." I catch my breath, my hand over my heart. "I know these people pretty well now."
"Great can you hand in it on Sunday, please?"
Sure, Ill email it over." I smile. That would give me enough time to get it right, possibly becoming my big writing breakthrough.

When I get home from my day, I drop onto the sofa, exhausted. I watch as Zoe emerges from her room and she smiles when she catches my gaze. 
"Hey.Zoe says as she joins me.
"You'll never guess who else is going to be at this charity thing tomorrow.I groan.
"Um... Bradley Cooper?" She giggles from her own lame attempt to joke, forcing me to laugh.
"Oh, I wish.I grumble. "Nicholas Webb."
"Oh.Her cupids bow lips formed a perfect circular shape. This should be interesting!" She perks up, giving me a very cheeky smile.
"You know nothing is going to happen there, it's way too soon." I raise an eyebrow at her while taking a sip of wine. "Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn."
Well, who said somethings gonna happen?" She asks innocently and I shoot her a glare. 
"You're implying it! You're practically pushing me into his arms." I say, slumping on the sofa. 
Zoe sighs and takes my hand, enveloping it with both of hers.
Kim, I just want you to start living your life." 
"I am living my life."
"Youre breathing and that's it. You need to start going out with guys."
"It's too soon." I tell her, meeting her concerned eyes. 
"Kim it's not too soon! It's about time." I see the honesty and truth in her words as resignation starts to sink in.
Shes right. 
"I hate it when you're right." I sigh. 
"You love me." She chortles and I let out an unladylike snort as I roll my eyes. 
"Let's just get through the night." I smile weakly at her.
"And have fun!" She shouts in excitement as I raise my glass to her.


"No! Please don't! Leave me alone!"
The pain digs into my body. I roll over onto my back and clutch my stomach, the pain is excruciating, and its too much. I let out a blood-curdling scream as another blow rocked my body, hurling me forward. 

Kim!I hear a voice through my screaming. Kim! Wake up!
 I feel a shove against my shoulder and my eyes snap open. Zoe is leaning over me, her face full of worry.
 "Go back to bed, Zoe, I'm fine.I pant, trying to catch my breath.
 “Kim you "
 “Im fine.I say a little louder and more force than I intend. Zoe sits there in silence, retracting her hand from my shoulder. I am sick of my memories, and I am sick of my nightmares waking Zoe up every night.
 "I know you will fight through this, you're stronger than you think." She gives a small smile before disappearing into the darkness.
 As usual, I end up watching the sunrise, again. Im then up and ready for a day of shopping in order for Zoe and I to find dresses for the event tonight.

"Kim, you have a visitor." Zoe pops her head into my room.
Walking towards the living room, I realize who it is straight away.
Hes wearing one of his usual expensive suits. However, this is deep navy and I can tell that its been tailored to fit his broad back. I watch as he lifts his hand and runs it through his silky hair as he peers out the window.
Breaking out of my thoughts, I wonder what hes doing in my freaking flat. And how did he freaking know my address?

 I give a loud cough to let him know I am in the room. 
 "Miss Turner.He says as he spins around and eyes me with a smile.
I dont return it, how can I? I most probably look like Ive just risen from my grave. 

"How do you know where I live?" I immediately ask, sounding cranky. 
 “If I want something, I get it." He smirks.
 I remember that, that's something he lives by and I don't give a shit about it. 
 "That doesn't answer my question, Mr Webb." I say impatiently, crossing my arms across my chest.  I raise my eyebrow at him. Surely no ones that up themselves?
"From your office.He admits, finally, and my eyebrows snap together, must be Rob, no doubt about it. 
"What do you want?" I ask as if hes boring me. I start tapping my bare foot on the floor and purse my lips.
He eyes me carefully, but I dont budge.
"I have a charity event this evening.He finally begins to explain. I want you to be my date.
 What kind of game is he playing?
 “Uh, usually you have to ask.I prompt him. But it doesnt matter anyway, because I'm going to the event as a reporter.I pause briefly. “Zoes my date."
 His lips then purse together, clearly trying not to smile.
"How about lunch then?"
 Ugh, he just wont give up!
 "I have to go shopping, sorry." I turn to walk away.
 "You can join us for lunch.Zoe says as she pops her head out of the kitchen.
I stop in my tracks and look at her with wide eyes.
Thats a wonderful invitation.I spin back around to face him, planting a fake smile on my face. But he turns away from me and is now handing Zoe his card. Give me a call when youre ready.
 "We will.She smiles and takes the card from him.

 Before leaving, he shoots one last glance at me and again, tries not to laugh. How could he not get the hint? I cant date anyone; last night was clearly proof of that.

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I hope you all enjoyed this teaser.

Love Pavan xxx

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