Wednesday, 24 June 2015

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M. A. Phipps is an American author who has been living in the UK for the better part of a decade. After completing a bachelor's degree in Media Communications and Journalism in 2010, she focused the majority of her time on her true passion: fiction. In 2013, one of her short stories was shortlisted for publication. In the following year, she submitted her first full-length novel to an online writing competition where it placed second overall out of over two-hundred manuscripts. While 'Ultraxenopia' is not the first novel she's written, it is her debut to the publishing world.

Ultraxenopia synopsis:

In a society where oppression and conformity rule the masses and the slightest unusual behavior could be seen as treasonous, Wynter Reeves would do just about anything to ensure she isn't noticed. However, when she begins to show symptoms of a rare and debilitating illness, she unwillingly attracts the attention of the State—in particular, the feared research facility known as the DSD. Through them she learns of the true nature of her condition, a disease known only as Ultraxenopia.

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