Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday's Author

Hello everyone, how have you been?
So it's Wednesday and that means a new author to introduce :) 

Author Name: Clare Kauter
Title: Deadhead
Release date: Sunday May 31, 2015
Amazon link: Here
Goodreads link: Here

Nessa sees dead people.

Unfortunately, much like the living, most ghosts are... Well, much like the living.

When a talking axolotl appears in her kitchen, Nessa discovers - after briefly questioning her sanity - that by talking to ghosts she has apparently been 'practising magic without a licence'. The axolotl (who is in fact a shape-shifter named Henry) works for The Department, and is there to supervise Nessa on her Quest - think a driving test, but with magic.

The object of this quest? To find out who killed Ed, a particularly annoying poltergeist who, were he not already dead, Nessa could easily imagine having murdered herself. It soon becomes apparent that Ed is still being chased by an unidentified Big Bad, and Big Bad knows some Big Bad Black Magic.

Narrowing down the suspects for Ed's murder is not going to be easy. Add to that the fact that Nessa, while being constantly under the watch of a Department official, isn't sure exactly which aspects of her magical repertoire are legal and which aren't, and this Quest is shaping up to be something of a nightmare. And that's not to mention the zombies, vampires, witches, Satan, Grim Reaper...

Well, you know.

Things get a little out of hand.

Author bio: 
Clare Kauter is an Australian author who describes her books as “mystery with a twist..ery”, and advises that if you don’t like puns, you should back away now. Since early adolescence, she has spent much of her time reading, writing and watching crime fiction and fantasy, while shirking the sort of responsibility that real people have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Her first novel, “Losing Your Head” (Book 1 of The Charlie Davies Mysteries series) was published in early 2015, and her second novel “Deadhead" (a supernatural crime-fighting bonanza) was published later the same year.

If you want to hear the soundtracks to her books, follow Clare Kauter on Spotify! (Seriously, there are some cool songs on there - check it out.)

My social media links:
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Hope you will all go check her out, and if you get her book leave her some feedback xx

Love Pavan 

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