Friday, 15 May 2015

What's on Page 30?

I few days ago I was reading a blogpost and I loved the idea, they would choose a random page on a book they were reading or of there on book and post it on their blog, and I thought I have to do that, it's brillant.
So I asked my husband to choose a random number for me and he gave me 30, on my kindle I went to page 30  on my book Moving On, and this is what I got.
As you can't really read it from the picture I have added the page under the photo :)

see you in ten, kisses." I end the call and straighten from where I am leaning.

Rob hands me my USB and says good bye.
We get into our separate cars, and I drive home.
I go straight to shower and then primp myself for an hour, making sure that I seem to look as if I am so hap-

py to have this night out. I applied a smoky effect on my eyes and velvet red lipstick on my lips. I wear a black skin-tight dress that hung teasingly to my mid thigh. It has a chic and elegant, teasing-but-not-quite style.
I miss dressing up like this. It's been so long when I last wore something this beautiful.
I ignore the pinch it brings to my chest, and close the door behind me, turning the knob to check if I locked it right. I look down to my feet when I step onto something and see that it's a piece of paper. Frowning, I crouch down and pick up the paper which turns out to be a picture.
Did I drop something when I got in the house?
I turn it over and take a step back as if someone pushed me backwards. My lips part as the breath comes out with a rush from my lungs. It's a picture of me coming out of Mr Webb's building. It's as if paparazzi have tak- en the shot, it's candid 

I hope you liked this post, I thought giving you a look at Moving On would be a good thing, if you liked what you read you can buy Moving On 

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Love Pavan xox


  1. hey this is a brilliant idea! is it okay if i plagiarize and copy? hahaha. *begging puppy eyes*

    1. Yh do it
      I thought this was a good idea too might do this angian other week xx