Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday's Author

So I didn't get anyone for today's author :(
So I thought I would write whats been going on as I missed Mondays post. I wasn't able to write on Monday because my laptop was broke and I was on my phone to talk on Facebook and Twitter, but it is all fixed now yay.

At the weekend I did nothing we went shopping and brought stuff that I really didn't need lol but you have to buy something when you go shopping otherwise you think I went out for the sake of it.
Other than that I was writing the stand alone story which I am thinking the title will be Fate but not 100% sure just yet I will keep you all updated on that, and with a date when it will be out.

As for the Moving Series, I have been coming up with some amazing ideas for Moving Forward with how and where I want the story to go, really looking forward to publishing it so you can all read it.
I am hoping for a September/October realise and again I will keep you updated on that too :)

So that is what is happening writing wise, this weekend I have a wedding, I will try to take some pictures for my blog post on Monday for you all.

Sorry this post is short but I thought I would give a small update on what is happening.
For Fridays post I was thinking about doing a What's On Page? post again.

So please comment and let me know which page you want me to post about.

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