Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekend Round Up

I hope you all had a great weekend, let me know what you got up :)

So Saturday was our 11 year anniversary, can't believe that has gone way to fast, but I am not complaining I have loved every single day.
We stopped doing gift after the 5 year mark, not sure why we did. I think it was because we were saving for a house, but I can't remember at all. We normally go big on gifts for our birthdays and Christmas (who doesn't love being spoiled at Christmas?)
Well this year my loving husband surprised me and got me something I had been asking for, and it proves that talking about something over and over again it reaches mens ears lol.
He got me Chanel, now what girl doesn't like some Chanel :)

The smell of this amazing, and it lasts forever. Go out and smell how good this is.
I made a nice dinner at home for both of us and the kids (of course), so Saturday was a chill day for the family.

Sunday was yet another chill day for us, we took the kids to the park and to feed the ducks, my little one likes to chase them back into the water lol.
Then we stayed home, I was busy planning my sister's baby shower, which will be in July. She is due in August and I can not wait so excited. 
I am in two minds about the baby shower I want to, I have seen two so far.

Which one do you guys like?

So this weekend wasn't that entertaining a relaxing weekend.

Don't for get you can buy Moving On now. xx

Talk to all soon

Love Pavan xxx 


  1. I think I like the second cake better. It's just sweeter, more baby shower-ish. So cute! Hope you have tons of fun planning it! I'm getting ready for my sister's wedding shower this coming weekend. Should be a blast! :D

    1. That is the one I am going towards more too. I hope you have an amazing time this weekend xx

  2. I love them both sos much but I think the second one! Have fun!

    1. The second one it is, can't wait to share a post about the shower with you all xx