Sunday, 3 May 2015

I survived the first day

Yesterday was day one of Moving On being out there for everyone to read and I survived, I was so nervous the whole day that my husband took me to the cinema to get my mind away from it for a while. 
We went to watch The Avengers which was an amazing file. I love the Marvel movies and Thor well you can't go wring :)

I was happy will my first day being out there in the world of publishing, promoting my story, talking to new authors.
I know that I am not going to sell a thousand copies in one day, one months I know this is a slow progress but I will work hard to get Moving On out there so readers, will fall in love with Kim and Nick, just as much as me.

On this journey I have made some great friends and can't wait to meet more writers out there too, which for me I love meeting new people who enjoy writing as much as I do.

So come over say hi, leave you link in the comment, if you have any advice write a comment would love to here what you all think.

Moving On

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