Friday, 1 May 2015

Meet Nicholas Webb

All charters that we read, we all get a picture in out head of what they look like, and soon as I started writing, Nicholas Webb the person came in my head straight away.
This is the person I thought about when writing Nicholas.

Nicholas Webb also known as Nick is a 29 year old business man. He is the oldest son of Charlie and Elena Webb, who also have 2 other children Patrick and Thea. Nick Webb was born April 15th 1986 in Chicago, where he still lives today.
Nick Webb is the CEO of Webb Enterprise, a company that involves owning restaurants, small business, nightclubs and much more. He had taken over the company once his grandfather had passed away.

In his spare time, when he has some Nick likes to go swimming and boxing, he likes to look after himself. His best friend and drivers Brain have known each other since they were kids.

Nicholas Webb is 5 foot 11 inches, brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes, he comes across as an arrogant person but to be at the top a business you have to be. Being a business man Nick wears a three piece suit, fitting him nicely at all time.

Nicholas Webb has always forward the words that his grandfather told him, 'if you want something go get' and he lives by them words.

This is a small introduction into Nicholas Webb, who can see and judge for yourself in Moving On and let me know what you all think about him.

Do you think he reminds you of anyone?   
What do you like about Nicholas?

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  1. Gorgeous muse!! The best part is that you can find pictures of him all over the net with different facial expressions. Helps visualize the character better.

    1. Yes, that was helpful :)
      In my head he fits Mr Webb prefectly xx