Tuesday, 6 October 2015


So I see this happen every year, and thought there was no way that I can go 50K words in a month, I just can't, BUT this year I am going to give it a shot. 

I wanted to write a story and publish it in Feburay if everything went well. As at the moment I have been so busy with Moving Forward, I haven't thought about s story.
So this is my plan now. Moving Forward should have a date very very soon :) I promise. I have started the third in the Moving Series, which I plan to write continue writing until November. I will put it aside, then in December I will come back to it and start editing the first few chapters I have, and start planning that to come out for you all. 

November I will have a first rough draft of my story that I want out for all you to read in Febuary and I think doing NaNoWriMo with help that story to start. 
So what is this story that I will write during NaNoWriMo well, it has a title and cover and that's about it so far.

When I have more about the story I will let you all know. 

I will also keep you all updated with how I am getting along with NaNoWriMo too. So excited to start and I hope to have a great story at the end.

Love Pavan xx

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