Friday, 9 October 2015

A few questions for Kim Turner.

So I thought that today I would have a few questions for Kim Turner to answer, and this is what she had to say.

 What is your age? 
I am 22 years old.

 Do you have any siblings? 
Yes, I have an older brother, his name is Scott and is married, and has a daughter.

 Are your parents alive? Are they married?
 Are they divorced? My parents are alive and married.

 What features do you like the most about yourself? 
I really like my green eyes.

 What is your idea of a perfect day? 
Sitting at home, watching a movies with my friend.

Are you left or right handed?
 I am right handed.

Do you have a relationship now? 
Yes, I am in a relationship now, and could not be happier.

If you desperately need help, who do you turn to? 
My best friend Zoe, she is always there for me.

What is you biggest fear? 
My biggest fear is to become weak again, and losing myself.

What's your idea of a good marriage?
 Do you think that'll happen in your life? Good marriage to me it, marrying your best friend, someone that understands me and makes me smile. I hope that will happen for me one day.

Do you have a question for Kim, if so please leave a comment below and she will be happy to answer them.

Meet Kim Tuner 

Love Pavan xx

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