Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What is happening?

Hello all, so I know that I have put up no update for Moving Forward SORRY.
I have had chapters back and re-reading them, so I hope that I will have a pre order date for you all by the end of the week, or beginning of next. (Fingers crossed.)

So what have I been up to, other than re-reading chapter. I have been making notes for the final book in the Moving series. I will stop typing about the third book because I don't want to say anything about it lol.

I have an Instagram account, where I will most updates about the books, and anything else I think looks good to share, so who knows what pictures you will see come follow me, it would be amazing.

I have also been looking at a lot of positive quotes, to keep me in  my happy mood. Here are a few that I have been looking at the last few days

Moving On is out now, so get your copy for 99p/c
Amazon UK - Here
Amazon US - Here
Smashwords - Here
Itunes - Here
B&N - Here

Love Pavan xx

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