Monday, 28 September 2015

Moving Forward Snipper

I know that I have kept everyone waiting for Moving Forward to come out, so today I thought I would share a snipper of Chapter One with you all.
I hope you all enjoy :)

I stand in front of Nick, waiting for him to answer me. The man that I want to spend the rest of my life with is hiding something from me, and for James to come straight here from prison, it has to be something big. Big enough to know that it could be the end for me and Nick.
I’ve asked Nick before about Kristen, but I’ve always had the same answer from him. It ended badly when his Grandfather died, he turned to alcohol and drugs and I never thought about it again. Come on, Kristen had a very good reason to leave. Why would I think something was wrong with that?

“Nick!” I shout his name again. “What’s James talking about?”
I watch Nick walk off into the kitchen, saying nothing to me. Not even tossing a glance at me, he pulls out a beer from the fridge. “Kim, I love you, and that’s all you need to know,” he says taking a sip of his beer.
“Well, there is something that you’re hiding - so the way I see it is you have two choices: you can tell me or James will,” I say watching Nick’s body tense up. Hearing the name James leave my lips gives me shivers.
“No, I don't want you talking to him!” he shouts out, putting his beer on the counter.
I walk to the end of the kitchen counter, and look at him, “Then tell me!” I say, my voice becoming even louder.

Taking his hand through his hair, he looks back down at the counter. “You have to know that I have changed so much since then.” Nick looks at me and I can see the pleading in his eyes, “Promise me that you believe that I have changed.”
“I don’t have to promise anything until you start talking,” I bite back.
“I started dating Kristen, and we were together about six months,” he stops to take in a deep breath, “then my Grandfather died, and my world around me fall apart. It was like the world had swallowed me in and I couldn't get out. I started drinking, which leads to drugs. I mean - I was high all the time.” He stops and looks at me, but I don't say anything to him, as I want him to carry on. “One day - ” Nick stops at a knock at the door.

NO! The voice in my head starts shooting out in anger, rubbing my head as Nick goes to answer the door.

“Eric, this will have to wait until the morning,” Nick says, looking at the new arrival.
“No, this can’t,” Eric's tone is panicked. “Your mother is suing you,” he says, pushing Nick out of the way so that he can come inside.
“What?” Nick says in shock. Even I’m shocked at the new game that she’s playing. Does she not have anything better to do with her time?
“She says that you’re making the wrong decisions for the company. That you’re in love and it’s clouding your judgment. So she wants you out and Patrick in.” Eric looks at me as he explains to Nick what is happening.
Just when I thought we had gotten rid of that bitch, she has to find a way to worm her way back in. What a bitch! The voice in my head shouts out.
“Can we talk about this in the morning Eric? I have….” Nick looks over at me,
“No, your mother is taking over, so we have to get a case together. We need to be in court like… yesterday.” Eric looks at Nick, looking at me.

I look at Nick, not saying anything to him. I want him to stay and talk about what is happening and tell Eric to get out.  I need to know what Nick is hiding from me. I need to get my head around everything.
“Nick, let's go!” Eric shouts out.
“Eric, this has to wait until the morning.” Nick says, turning to face Eric, as he waves his hands around.

Eric shoots a look my way, as if to say ‘he will lose all this because of you, because you need him here to hold your hand.’ If Eric’s eyes could kill me, they would, with the stare I’m getting from him.
“Just go Nick,” I say, just so Eric will stop staring at me.
“Kim,” Nick starts.
“Just go,” I say, taking a step back not wanting to hear what he wants to say about it.
“I’m calling Brian, to come over to stay with you.” Nick says looking at me. “I will be back as soon as I can.”
“This conversation is not over.” I yell back at him as I walk towards the balcony.

I sit outside, playing with the glass of wine in my hands. As much as I want to drink this right now the thought of being pregnant stops me. This whole Kristen situation has me wondering what else has Nick been hiding from me, and why is he trying so hard to keep this a secret? Can it be that bad? The thought scares me. As Brian sits down next to me as I wipe away the tears from my cheeks.

I am hoping that for my next post I should have some idea of a date for you all fingers crossed :)
In the meantime, read Moving On
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Love Pavan xx

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