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Moving On teaser

 I give a loud cough to let him know I am in the room. 
 "Miss Turner.He says as he spins around and eyes me with a smile.
I dont return it, how can I? I most probably look like Ive just risen from my grave. 

"How do you know where I live?" I immediately ask, sounding cranky. 
 “If I want something, I get it." He smirks.
 I remember that, that's something he lives by and I don't give a shit about it. 
 "That doesn't answer my question, Mr Webb." I say impatiently, crossing my arms across my chest.  I raise my eyebrow at him. Surely no ones that up themselves?
"From your office.He admits, finally, and my eyebrows snap together, must be Rob, no doubt about it. 
"What do you want?" I ask as if hes boring me. I start tapping my bare foot on the floor and purse my lips.
He eyes me carefully, but I dont budge.
"I have a charity event this evening.He finally begins to explain. I want you to be my date.
 What kind of game is he playing?
 “Uh, usually you have to ask.I prompt him. But it doesnt matter anyway, because I'm going to the event as a reporter.I pause briefly. “Zoes my date."
 His lips then purse together, clearly trying not to smile.
"How about lunch then?"
 Ugh, he just wont give up!
 "I have to go shopping, sorry." I turn to walk away.
 "You can join us for lunch.Zoe says as she pops her head out of the kitchen.
I stop in my tracks and look at her with wide eyes.
Thats a wonderful invitation.I spin back around to face him, planting a fake smile on my face. But he turns away from me and is now handing Zoe his card. Give me a call when youre ready.
 "We will.She smiles and takes the card from him.
 Before leaving, he shoots one last glance at me and again, tries not to laugh. How could he not get the hint? I cant date anyone; last night was clearly proof of that.

"What the hell?" I ask Zoe when she closes the door.
"The poor guy is trying so hard.She defends herself, avoiding eye contact with me. I felt bad! He had puppy dog eyes!"
"He didn't have puppy dog eyes and he just basically stalked me in our flat! Don't you find that creepy? Or scary?"
 "You know what it is? It's called effort.Zoe says, rolling her eyes. And a hot guy putting that much effort in for you is sweet and romantic." 
 Now I roll my eyes though my heart skips a beat from her words, giving me a glimmer of hope that Nick actually wants to be nice to me, but I swallow it down. I cant think that.
"I'll never win an argument with you, saying stuff like that.” I shake my head at her.
Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, though. If I went on just one date with Nick, then hed leave me alone.
 "Because you're so negative.Zoe says, bringing me out of my thoughts.
 "Whatever.I sigh as we leave and head to the stores.

Here is another tear for you all, I hope that you enjoy this. x 

Im glad I have Zoe to accompany me tonight. Hopefully it won't feel too much like work and just a nice night out to take my mind off things.
How about one of these?Zoe holds up two dresses. Theyre absolutely stunning.
I smile gratefully at Zoe; she is amazing at picking outfits. She chooses a black strapless dress for me that falls just below my knee. The lace on the breast area makes the whole look both chic and classic. Meanwhile, Zoe picks a body hugging plum colored dress with laced sleeves, perfectly highlighting her skin tone and wild hair. 
 "They won't think you're a reporter at all.She says, and we both try not to laugh.

Well, Ill sort this out at the counter while you make a phone call.She quickly winks and then disappears further into the store.
Zoe!I whine, but shes already in line. I take a deep breath.
Its just lunch, no biggie. I tell myself.
I pull out my phone, and the card that Zoe had obviously slipped into my bag. 
It rings once.
Nicholas Webb.His business voice sounds through the earpiece.
"Uh, hi Mr Webb, its Miss TurnerKim.I pause.
I must sound like an idiot.
 “Were about to have lunch.I slap my forehead. 
Smooth Kim, smooth.
 "So where are we eating?" He asks. And call me Nick.I can practically hear the smile in his voice. Is he laughing at me? Well, I would too. That was so embarrassing!
I quickly rack my brain before he has another reason to laugh.
 "Theres an Italian Restaurant just around the corner from the mall.I suggest, doubt filling my mind.
He probably only dines at seven star restaurants.
I know the one. Ill meet you both there.
Well Im really surprised! That's why it's wrong to stereotype. I should have known better. 

When Zoe and I walk into the restaurant, a waitress leads us to the table and Nicks already there. I take a deep breath as I sit down; I can feel his hazel eyes on me.
"How was your shopping trip?" He looks straight at me, that navy suit fitting him like a glove. 
"Good, thanks.I answer, looking at my menu.
"How's your day been so far?Zoe asks, making conversation.
"Busy.He sighs. Spent it mainly in meetings.
"The life you're leading tends to be like that.Zoe points out the obvious, nudging me with her elbow and I fight the urge to roll my eyes at her. 
"But you've been doing a great job so far." I interject, entering the conversation and I hold his gaze. I can feel the giddy vibes oozing out from Zoe's pores, beside me. 
"Thank you, Miss Turner." He says with a smile.
 "Can I take your order?" The waiters asks to my right, saving me from answering or making more of a fool out of myself. 
 "Can I have the chicken fettuccine and some red wine, please?" I say, cracking my first smile, but aimed at the waiter.
 "Same for me, please." Zoe hands in her menu.
 "My usual.Nick says, taking my menu from me and passing it to the waiter.
I smile in thanks and it never even occurred to me that he might have a usual. 
"Please.I say quickly to the waiter. 
 "You might be rich in money, but your manners are poor." I raise an eyebrow at Nick. I can see his smirk creeping across his face again. 
"Sorry, that was rude." He looks at the waiter. "Please."
The waiter fights a grin as he saunters off from our table. 

Zoe and Nick talk for most of the time while I play around with my food.
"What do you really want?" 
Did I just say that out loud? 
Their heads snap up, both staring at me with surprise. Zoes eyes are wide with total disapproval while Nick leans back in his chair, his eyes swimming with curiosity. I honestly didnt mean for that to slip out, but I was sick of this stupid game that he was playing.
 “What I mean is.I lick my lips and straighten up in my chair. What do you wantwith me?
 Nick leans forward and clasps his hands together. Always so serious. 
 “Well, I wanted to take you to dinner, and you said no.He raises an eyebrow at me, and I feel a little guilty. Then I wanted to take you to the event this evening, you said no.I open my mouth to argue back, but shut it again when he lifts a finger. So here I am, having lunch with you.He finishes, leaning back in his chair.
 "But I said no for a reason.I say firmly, barely blinking as we continue to hold each others gaze.
 "Then, whats the reason?"
 “Let's just say I'm not interested, and leave it at that." I sigh, looking around for the waiter to ask for the bill. I think its time I left. 
 "If you could excuse me.He says, leaving the table when his phone suddenly rings.
Well there goes my leaving plan. 

 "What are you doing?" Zoe whisper shouts at me.
 "Nothing.I whisper back. I dont want this."
 "Oh please!She scoffed. I can tell you feel something when he looks at you. Give him a chance."
I feel weird, that's what I feel.
Zoe is pushing this too hard. I just dont know why she is doing this then Id be royally pissed. I don't want to feel anything for Nicholas Webb. Not just to him, in fact, not anyone. Not again. 
"That would work well, wouldn't it?I cross my arms to be more dramatic. “Where would I start? You can't touch me because I freak out’”
Zoe lets out a long, aggravated sigh.
The less he knows the better.I continue, lowering my voice. Zoe says nothing back.
"Sorry about that.Nick says as he re-joins us, causing Zoe to shut her mouth again and my shoulders relax. 

 I take my glass in my hand and pretend to drink so that I don't have to start a conversation. Theres a moment of silence, and I can tell that he knows somethings up. Zoe then jumps in and starts up the conversation, but I can feel his eyes on me the whole time.

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