Friday, 2 September 2016

Time to get back into it

I am getting back into blogging :)
I will be posting twice a week, I think that is so much more doable for me, then every day. Then I will post another day. 

So where should I start today? 
Courage to Trust is doing well which I am very happy with, that is always a good start.

This is the blurb for the story 

I knew I should have stayed away from Rhett Johnson. Captivating, beautiful, talented not to mention a UFC prize fighter, and a man who knows what he wants and he wants ME.
Who am I? Scarlett Parker. A maid in a luxury Vegas hotel. I’m damaged, broken and running away from the darkness around me. I don’t believe in happily ever after.
The attraction between us is like a drug, one we both dangerously need. Wounds break open as my past returns. Is this my happily ever after or is this a disaster waiting to happen?

Reviews have been very good, and feed back is amazing. I also have a Courage to Trust reader group come over and join me there.

You can buy a copy of Courage to Trust

Until next time 

Love Pavan xoxo

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