Saturday, 10 September 2016

Moving On is FREE

The Moving Series is now Kindle Unlimited, and Book one Moving On is FREE for a limited time. 
So if you have wanted to read it, grab a copy now.

‘Amazing Debut’ ‘Beautiful thrilling story’ ‘Wonderful Series’
The Moving Series is Complete Book 1 Moving On is FREE!!
Everyone has a past. For most people their past is their worst nightmare, haunting them day by day. Such a person with a past is Kim Turner. But everything changes when Nicolas Webb comes into her life.

Nick on the other hand, is your typical hot shot. With money comes powers and with powers come happiness, or so he thought until he met Kim.

Haunted by her past and stalked in his present, are they destined to be together? Will Kim be able to let go of her past and trust Nick or will Nick just cause another heartbreak?

Love Pavan xx

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