Saturday, 3 September 2016

CHAPTER ONE - Courage to Trust

Hump Day! The week is almost over! It has been so crazy around here. Well, it's always crazy, but it has been higher than normal.
I wouldn't say I love my job, but I don't hate coming here either.
My colleagues are wonderful, and there's always someone that makes me laugh while I'm here. The things we find, the stories we hear... they're nothing short of incredible and only things that could happen in Vegas.
I'm a maid in one of the top hotels in Vegas, and really, the only thing I hate about the job is picking up used condoms. The trash can isn't far from the bed. There is no excuse to leave them lying around. The saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is something the guests staying in these rooms are all too aware of, and that's saying something.
This isn't my dream job, by far. At one point I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but that was side-tracked. I work here, it pays my bills, and the pay here is great.
Even at five years old, I dreamt of what my life would be. I wanted to find someone like my parents found in each other. I wanted that kind of love.
My life was completely altered when I was five years old.
And what had been a bad situation, only got worse.
If anyone could be any more broken, I didn't know them.
Eventually, as I got older, I lost the will to live.
I just got by.
I did what I had to, to make money.
And it all went to my little brother.
He would be the one to make it in our family.
He would have the dreams to live out.
"How many have you picked up?" Emma asks, pulling me out of my dark thoughts. Emma is both my roommate and best friend. We've lived together for three years now. She knows all my secrets, dark and otherwise. She doesn't hold it against me either. I could not ask for a better best friend than her. She is a lot more open than I am--you can read her like a book. If she is happy, you can tell, and if she's in a bad mood, it's written all over her face. I'm the opposite, so much the opposite. I rarely let people in, and I never talk about myself.
"Ten, and we haven't even taken the sheets off," I say, scared to see what we might find in them. I don't think I could walk if I had sex ten times in one night. "There must have been more than one couple here last night, because there is no way this is for just two people."
We lift the white cotton sheet and find two more. I gasp and laugh.
"If there was more than one couple in this room, I could understand. But only one? That man's gotta be a sex machine! The woman? I have no words. I mean, I don't know any normal woman that has sex that much, do you?"
Emma throws the sheets into her cart. "But how amazing would that be? Sex all night? What I wouldn't give for something like that." She says, as she pulls cleans sheets from her cart and walks over to the bed.
Neither one of us has a boyfriend. She hasn't found the one.
And me? That is a whole other story.
I'm not looking for the one, hell, I'm not even looking for something long term. I don't want to play the getting to know you game, I just want something for one night, no strings. No commitments. This is how I protect my heart. The men I meet prefer it that way too--no mixed feelings, and no chance of getting hurt.
When we finish cleaning the room, we head back to the staffroom together to check if there are any rooms that called for maid service. Normally, it's collecting their breakfast trays, or they need more towels. Then we wait for check-out time and clean the rest of our rooms, getting them ready for the next guest's arrival.


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