Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Snipper of Moving On

I'm still in that train of thought when my phone rings and I fish it out of my hand bag. I check the caller ID only to see it’s again my roommate slash nag girlfriend. "Hey-o.” I greet as I put the phone to my ear. 
"What time are you coming home? Don't tell me you forgot about tonight?" Zoe's voice is both bewildered, and incredulous and I can't help the snort from escaping my lips. 
"Tell me how could I possibly forget, when you remind me like every five minutes the whole day?" I ask, smiling as I study my glittered blue nail polish through my open toed silver sling-back heels. 
"It's not like every five minutes.” I can almost see the eye roll, and I chuckle. 
"And you know this because?" 
“I’ve an alarm so shut it and just get here." She demands as my head snapped up when I feel someone else's presence in the vicinity. I initially think that it’s Rob, and he's already back so I look around, expecting him. 
I frown when I don't see anyone and Zoe spoke again from the phone.
"You still there?" 
I am so sure someone's here. In fact, it feels as though I am being watched. I can't explain it, but it sure feels like that. 
"Uhh, yes, I'll be home in ten minutes."  I say as I scan the area.

"Alright then, I can't wait!" Zoe answers as I’m still looking around.
Maybe it's just my imagination so I just shrug it off and concentrate on the phone call. 
I can't share her enthusiasm because I am not excited for this. I’d rather spend the night curled in my bed watching Netflix movies. 
"I know you are, Zoe." I say quietly and Zoe sobers from her excitement just as the same time I see Rob emerging from the building. "Okay so I'll see you in ten, kisses." I end the call and straighten from where I am leaning. 
Rob hands me my USB and says good bye.
We get into our separate cars, and I drive home.
I go straight to shower and then primp myself for an hour, making sure that I seem to look as if I am so happy to have this night out. I applied a smoky effect on my eyes and velvet red lipstick on my lips. I wear a black skin-tight dress that hung teasingly to my mid thigh. It has a chic and elegant, teasing-but-not-quite style.
I miss dressing up like this. It's been so long when I last wore something this beautiful. 

I ignore the pinch it brings to my chest, and close the door behind me, turning the knob to check if I locked it right. I look down to my feet when I step onto something and see that it's a piece of paper. Frowning, I crouch down and pick up the paper which turns out to be a picture. 
Did I drop something when I got in the house? 
I turn it over and take a step back as if someone pushed me backwards. My lips part as the breath comes out with a rush from my lungs. It's a picture of me coming out of Mr Webb's building. It's as if paparazzi have taken the shot, it's candid and the angle is odd, as if the person taking the photo is hiding somewhere. 
I make a face. Why would the paparazzi take a photo of me? I'm just an intern, and nothing like a big shot. Mr Webb is a big shot, sure, and yes I just had an interview with him; that's the end of it, so why would my photo would be taken? And why would it be delivered to me
 I look around the empty neighborhood, seeing no one, or anything peculiar. Somehow, these photos give me a chill...and it has nothing to do with the cold breeze licking my skin.

Before I can think about it any further, my phone rings from inside my bag, making me jump. I scramble to take the thing out as it continues ringing, and place it next to my ear. The background is so noisy, and I know Zoe is already in the bar.
"Where are you?" She shouts over the noise. I go to my car, slip the picture to my purse and got into the driver’s seat. 

"I'm on my way." I say and end the call as I back out from the driveway.

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