Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Back to writing now

I had been writing everyday to make Moving On prefect, it took me a long time, but once it was ready and I hit the publish button I thought that I would take some time out from I started Moving Forward. That did not happen I already had a new book in my head, which as no title yet.

The a few days ago a started to watch a new show called Daredevil on Netflix.

I thought I would watch an episode here and there, and continue with my writing after, did that happen no not at all.
This so was so additive I am not even joking, one night I watch so many episode that I went to bed and 2.30 in the morning. I ended up watch all of season one in 2 days, and for me that mean this was a good show. 
The actor is very good looking too so you get some eye candy too :)

When I got to the final episode and it had finished I was gutted, I mean really gutted so I went online to see when season 2 will be out, which made me even more gutted I have to wait until April 2016, a whole year I have to wait, I can not begin to tell you all how annoyed I am that I have to wait so long.

If you have not watched it I would highly recommend that you watch this show.

Now that this is finished I suppose the pulls side is that I can get back to writing my story again and have the first draft finished sooner rather than later, this story is different to Moving On so its a little out my comfort zone, although I do like how it is going so far.

Keep an eye out for posts coming up where I will talk a little more about my new story.

I hope that you all enjoy my bog and will follow me

Love Pavan xx 

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