Saturday, 16 January 2016

My Week

This week has been a normal week in my life nothing special happened to me, working hard writing which to be honest is so relaxing for me, the Moving Series is nearly all done and I hope to have at least a month for you all, when it will be out very soon. Keep you eyes open for the cover and the blurb they will be on here very soon :)

So other than writing what have I been up to, well this we was playing games with my boys, I have two boys aged 6 and 3 and they are very active, I am so tried at the end of the day.

This week we made a Cars jigsaw puzzle which was a lot of fun, looking at my oldest trying very hard to make some of the piece fit, even if there were the wrong piece, can't blame him for trying.
My a my little one play with The Avenger Play-doh, he loves play-doh and if had the choice he would play with that and nothing else all day.
Then we had a family board game night and we played the cube, and the game is so much harder than I thought is would be, I have no idea how some of the tasks can be done, but we will be playing it again, as the family had so much fun.

This week I have also started my healthy eating, I wanted to take picture of most of the food that I made but I kept forgetting, so the only picture I took are of my breakfast.

Home made pancakes and waffles, I will try harder this week to remember to take pictures before I eat all my food. Me and my sister are also going to start boxercising which should be fun, not sure if we are starting next week, or the week after that but I will be keeping you all up to date on that.

I have also got my eye on two things that I really want to buy myself, as a treat.

These brushes have been all over the place, and they cost a lot, I have only been able to find the from US site and this one is a foundation brush which is $40. 

These candles smell amazing, when ever I got to the store I have to have a smell of them, the mini ones are £20 and the larger ones are 190g are £40 so its not something that I can go to the store and just pick up, it will be something that will be a treat for myself.

Do you have something that is on your wish list? Let me know.

I am a very positive thinker and read a lot of positive books, the other day I saw this on Instagram and I could to agree with it more.

I love looking at things like this through out the day, to remind myself that I shouldn't worry about making other people happy, if they don't care why should I.
Do you have a favourite saying, or quote? please let me know as I have a small note book which I write down all the ones I like so though out the day I can open to page and read it, and would like to add more to that note book.

So not much happening this week, but I do have a giveaway happing for a chance to win a copy of Moving On and Moving Forward, you can enter here. All you have to do it recommend me a book to read that simple.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Love Pavan xx

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