Thursday, 17 March 2016

Blurb for Moving Together

Moving Together, is finally coming close to having a Pre Order date, so excited for you all to read. So I thought that now would be a great time to share the blurb for it.
Ready? Are you sure?
Here it is -

The Final instalment of the Moving Series

James' persistence is taking its toll on Kim. With what he's done goes above and beyond trying to get her back; it's hurting her in the worst way imaginable. Using her love for Nick against her has Kim deciding if she can continue to fight James, or give in.
One thing's for sure... She won't go back to the hell he made for her.

I hope my next blog post will be with Pre Order details. If you have not read Moving On and Moving Forward, grab your copy now.

Moving On (Book 1)

Amazon UK - Here
Amazon US - Here
Smashwords - Here
ITunes - Here
B&N - Here

Moving Forward (Book 2)

Amazon UK - Here
Amazon US - Here
Smashwords - Here
ITunes - Here

Keep your out open, for information about Moving Together.

Love Pavan xx

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