Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Good Week

Hello everyone, I hope you have a had a great week and have got lots of reading done :)
So the release of Moving Forward was an amazing and I could not be happier about it. Moving On had been doing really well this well this week as well, which makes me so happy about it. 

Moving On has been getting some amazing reviews this week, check them out on my reviews page.
I am writing Moving Together now, and I hope to have a date for you all. I have still a lot to write and I am working very hard to have the first draft done very soon.

If you have not got you copy of the Moving Series yet, what are you waiting for :)

Moving On 

Everyone has a past.
For some people their past haunts them day by day. Such a person with a past is Kim Turner. But everything changes when Nicolas Webb comes into her life. 

Nick on the other hand, is your typical hot shot. With money comes power and with power come happiness, or so he thought until he met Kim. 

Haunted by her past and stalked in his present, are they destined to be together? Will Kim be able to let go of her past and trust Nick or will Nick just cause another heartbreak?

Moving On is 99p/c grab your copy today 

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Moving Forward

"I knew then, that I will never be safe!” 

Kim Turner finally lets go of her past. She now trusts Nicolas Webb with more than her life. But, just when she thought she could move on from her haunted past, James Foster comes back into her life bringing with him the painful memories and disturbing nightmares.
But this time… it's all real. 

The story of Kim and Nick continues as more secrets and lies begin to unravel.

With James Foster out of Prison, will Kim and Nick be able to move forward? Or will it be the last time they fight for each other?

Moving Forward is out now to Pre Order £1.50/$1.50

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I hope you grab a copy and enjoy Kim and Nick's love story 

Love Pavan xx

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